The Drug Legalization Debate

The Drug Legalization Debate

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The Drug Legalization Debate

1)Discuss the drug legalization debate. What are the arguments being presented for and against the legalization of drugs? What are some possible compromises? What do you think is the best option?

2) Why are many athletes (and some nonathletes) attracted to androgens? What are the hormones’ positive and negative side effects? Do you think that classifying anabolic steroids as Schedule III drugs is justified?

3) Discuss the difference between potency and toxicity. What factors determine a drug’s potency?

4) In what ways does alcoholism affect one’s entire family? How does the family react and adapt to having an alcoholic member? What help is available to the family of an alcoholic?

5) Explain the major differences between social influence theories and structural influence theories. Give an example of each.

6) How do cultures other than America view drinking? Discuss a different culture and the ways in which that culture approaches alcohol.

7) What are some negative effects of benzodiazepines such as Halcion and Xanax? Do you think the FDA made the right decision when it allowed Halcion to stay on the market despite court rulings and critic complaints?

8) Describe the FDA approval process for assessing the safety and efficacy of a newly developed drug.  What are its advantages and disadvantages?

9) Why are drug use and abuse even more serious issues now than they were in the past? Give three possible reasons and discuss their significance.

10)Why is alcohol perceived as acceptable for social use as well as for relieving stress and anxiety? Why do many people often forget alcohol’s harmful consequences?