Dimension of Nursing Exam

*       1. All of the following are true about the nursing code of ethics except:


Correct2. The nurse is assigned to see a home-bound client on a daily basis to prepare the client’s medications. The nurse fails to visit the client and does not request another nurse visit the client. The client is later admitted to the hospital after taking the wrong dosage of medication. Which ethical concept does this situation reflect?



Correct3. A client is held down by the nurse and forced to have a nasogastric tube placed. Which of the following could this represent?

*       4. When applying the nursing process, which of the following should always be addressed first?


*                   Correct5. How can most living organisms be classified in general systems theory?



Correct6. Which of the following are the steps to the nursing process? select all that apply

A) Planning

B) Implementation

D) Diagnosis

E) Evaluation

F) Assess


Correct7. What type of tort may occur if a client is not allowed to leave the hospital after receiving emergency care until the bill is paid?

Correct8. Which of the following is the best substitute for self-determination if an individual is no longer competent to make their own health care decisions?



Correct9. Does clinical reasoning and judgment require various ways of thinking in the role of a nurse?



Correct10. A client complains of hip pain and requests pain medication. For the nurse to apply the nursing process, what would the nurse do next?



Correct11. The client’s short term outcome was to walk in the hallway by the end of the day. The nurse reviews the client outcome, determines that it was not met, and modifies the interventions. Which phase of the nursing process is this?



Correct12. Which of the following phases of the nursing process determines client problems, risks, and strengths?


Correct13. What is another term that can be used for professional negligence?



Correct14. An example of invasion of privacy would be:


Correct15. The client must have a treatment requiring an informed consent. Whose role is it to review the proposed treatment and its associated risks with the client?



Correct16. Team building, nurse retention, and patient satisfaction are all benefits of being sensitive to personality types.



*       17. Why is it important for nurses to understand and use a nursing theory or model in practice?


Correct18. Which of the following theorists authored the Model of Goal Attainment?





Correct19. A client suffered a ruptured appendix and had to have an open appendectomy. She is post-op day 1. She is able to perform many of her activities of daily living independently, such as wash her face, brush her teeth, feed herself, and reposition. However, she requires assistance to care for her indwelling urinary catheter, Jackson-Pratt drain, and change her dressing. Which of the following describes the level of care the nurse provides according to Orem’s self-care model?



Correct20. What are the primary ethical issues involved in genetic research?



Correct21. Which of the following would not be appropriate to chart?



Correct22. Identify the four concepts that are common in most nursing theories.


Correct23. You are teaching a group of senior citizens about the importance of getting their influenza and pneumonia vaccines. What type of intervention are you providing based on Neuman’s Health Care Systems Model?



Correct24. Upon what ethical principle do supporters of assisted suicide base their support for the practice?



Correct25. Which of the following does not describe critical thinking in nursing?



Correct26. Which professional nursing organization wrote the Code of Ethics for Nurses?



Correct27. This theorist states that even though you may be a novice now, with a solid educational base and many patient care experiences over time, you will one day become an expert.





*       28. A 16-year-old boy brought to the emergency room with a gunshot wound to the head is declared brain dead. His driver’s license identifies him as an organ donor, but the hospital staff is unable to locate his family for permission to take his organs. Another client in the same hospital will die within 24 hours without a heart transplant. The tissues of both clients match sufficiently for a transplant. What is the ethical course of action in this case?


DCorrect29. Identify the situation in which a nurse would likely be charged with negligence.


Correct30. Which situation is the nurse allowed to breech a client’s right of confidentiality?


Correct31. Critical thinking can also be referred to as common sense.



Correct32. The requirement that health-care providers do no harm to their clients is known as:



Correct33. Identify the statement that is most accurate concerning middle range nursing theories.



Correct34. Which of the following is the appropriate order in Benner’s stages of knowledge?



Correct35. The nurse is caring for a client who is a kinesthetic learner. How would the nurse best approach teaching the client how to self-inject insulin before discharge?



Correct36. What is the practice of allowing a client to die without the use of any extraordinary measures?



Correct37. A 9-month-old baby who is developmentally delayed is tested for genetic abnormalities. After the results are back from the laboratory, a representative from the client’s medical insurance company calls the nurses’ station on the phone and asks for the results of the tests. How can the nurse best respond to this request?


Correct38. What study advice would you provide to a visual learner?

Correct39. The ethical principle which requires the health-care provider to tell the truth and not to deceive or mislead clients is known as:



Correct40. Under which category are nursing licensure laws included?



Correct41. What is the underlying legal concept that protects health-care professionals under the Good Samaritan Act?


Correct42. A client complains of pain to the nurse. The nurse medicates the client as prescribed, but then fails to follow up and make sure the patient is no longer in pain. Which of the following ethical principles has the nurse failed to demonstrate?



Correct43. Which of the following demonstrates the planning phase of the nursing process?



Correct44. A nurse is providing a back rub to a client just after administering a pain medication to help decrease the client’s pain. Which phase of the nursing process is this nurse demonstrating?



Correct45. An 18 -month-old infant is brought into the emergency room with several recent cigarette burns on his chest and legs. What is the nurse’s legal responsibility in this case?



Correct46. Which of the following “rights” are based on a moral principle?



Correct47. A client is in a coma and unable to make health-care decisions. Who should sign the informed consent for a non-emergent, scheduled surgery?



Correct48. The processes used in ethical decision making include all of the following except:

Correct49. Theory can be defined in nursing as which of the following?



Correct50. The term tort refers to a violation of the civil law