Assignment: Evidence Synthesis

Assignment: Evidence Synthesis

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Assignment: Evidence Synthesis

Does the author clearly identify the scope of the evidence synthesis? Explain your rationale.

A more structured methodology is needed for the reader or researcher to synthesize and implement the findings into a practice change (Iwarsson, 2016). It was evident the authors’ focus was on patient falls; however, it was difficult to identify the scope of the evidence synthesis because of the generalized paraphrasing of each article. Also, it would have been more meaningful and impact the reader if the author had provided evidence about the increasing costs associated with patient falls.

Are strong paraphrased sentences included that are supported by contemporary sources of research evidence? Explain your rationale.

The author did not write strong paraphrased sentences to support the cited sources but made generalized statements from each article. If the author had been more congruent and related the articles and evidence in harmony with each other (CCN, 2021), the reader would then understand the brevity of the information and make an informed decision whether to include these findings in their practice change/or not.

Are the facts related to the practice problem presented objectively? Explain your rationale.

Others need to trust the results noted in the studies being presented (Cook, et al., 2020), and this author was objective and factual with the evidence highlighted and cited each article appropriately.

Does the author use sources to support ideas and claims, and not the other way around? Explain your rationale.

The author clearly cited the sources to support ideas and claims about the issues associated with patient falls and did not assert their own opinions. Each article denoted important and useful findings of the multifactorial problems with patient falls, including staffing shortages and other causative factors.

Based on your appraisal, is this exemplar a true synthesis of the evidence? Or is it a summary of the evidence? Explain your rationale.

This exemplar’s appraisal was not a true synthesis of the evidence but a short summation about patient falls. For the evidence to be synthesized, the author should have linked each research study’s findings together to better support their claims (CCN, 2017), rather than just paraphrasing the evidence being presented.


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