Discussion: Group Therapy

Discussion: Group Therapy


Discussion: Group Therapy

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Here is a great video explaining what a Group therapy is and how it is used.                                              An Overview of Stages Group Therapy https://youtu.be/dwdIblMSSFI

Group Facilitated Discussion – Group Therapy


Anxiety disorders; depressive disorders; addiction; and stress and adjustment disorders, to name a few, are common psychiatric disorders that can be treated by psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP)s (Sundquist et al., 2015). These disorders can cause emotional and social difficulties for patients and their families at the cost of lost income, poorer quality of life, and they also place a burden on the health care system (Sundquist et al., 2015). Such disorders and more are well-suited for the application of group therapy (Sundquist et al., 2015). Group therapy can further be divided into specialties such as mindfulness group therapy, cognitive psychodrama group therapy, group art therapy, cognitive-behavioral group therapy, and traditional talk group therapy, for example. Each therapy has different techniques and psychiatric disorders that they target.


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Background: I live in South Florida, I am currently enrolled in the Psych Mental Health Practitioner Program, I am a Registered Nurse, I work in a Psychiatric Hospital.