Informatics In Healthcare

Informatics In Healthcare


Informatics In Healthcare

Considering your selected topic, what healthcare teams would be essential to help support your new project implementation? How would each identified team help support the integration and outcomes you plan to achieve? Consider aspects related to communication, collaboration and professional organizations for best practices in healthcare informatics.



Write a 1000-1500-word essay addressing each of the following points. Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point. There should be two main sections, one for each bullet below. Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper.

Support your ideas with at least three (3) sources using citations in your essay. Make sure to cite using the APA writing style for the essay. The cover page and reference page in correct APA do not count towards the minimum word amount. Review the rubric criteria for this assignment.

Length: 1000-1500 words; answers must thoroughly address the prompts in a clear, concise manner.

Evaluation Criteria for Paper

(10%) Resources used as rationale for approaches and as sources of content

_____ 5. (20%) write paper in a scholarly manner
(4%) Format includes title page, body of paper, & reference page, with pages numbered

_____ 5. (20%) Write the Paper in a scholarly manner
(4%) Format includes title page, body of paper, & reference page, with pages numbered


Comparison and Contrast of Food Dietary 

Go to
(Links to an external site.)
and research the dietary guidelines.
Choose 2 other popular diets, such as Atkins, paleo, ketogenic, vegan, Whole 30, South
Beach, or others of your own choice, to compare and contrast against the dietary
guidelines provided by the USDA.
Write a 2-4 page research paper comparing and contrasting the USDA Dietary
guidelines and 2 other chosen diets. Begin your paper by briefly explaining each of the
3 diets; and then go into your analysis of major comparisons and differences. Conclude
with which of the 3 diets is the healthiest and include evidence of why.
The research paper must be typed in Times New Roman – 12 pt. font, double spaced
with 1” margins. Correct spelling and grammar must be used and sources must be
cited in MLA Format (
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)