Counseling Perspective Paper

Counseling Perspective Paper

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Counseling Perspective Paper: (100 points) (Key Assessment)

By the end of the course, you are expected to articulate a personal approach to counseling. In 5 to 7 pages, not including the reference page(s), describe your chosen theoretical orientation and philosophy of counseling. Be sure to state why you selected this theory. Think of this as your starting point for developing your personal therapeutic approach. Your paper should discuss:

• key concepts of your approach

• your role as a counselor grounded in this theory

• therapeutic goals and how you would decide upon goals

• relationship issues you are likely to consider • central techniques you are likely to employ

• how you would address issues of cultural diversity

Things to keep in mind for this assignment:

· Your paper should be written using APA style and the content supported by current references from refereed counseling literature. You may include the course text (at the bottom) as one of your references, but be sure to cite secondary sources correctly; the textbook may not be your primary reference source. Be sure to cite all sources; your paper will be submitted to Turnitin to assure the accurate use of sources and prevent plagiarism.

· The expectation is that you utilize research from your readings, journals and other evidence based material to support your positioning.  This shows you have a full understanding of the material that was explored this semester.  Expectations are a minimum of 3 references. 

· Note that the rubric is attached.  This will assist you with understanding how this assignment will be graded.

· I encourage people to organize their paper using sections as this may assist with addressing the expectations of the assignments that are to be met.

· Our course Textbook is

Corey, G. (2017). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed.). Belmont,

CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole. ISBN-13: 9781305631670 with MindTap