Assignment: Developing and Managing External Communications

Assignment: Developing and Managing External Communications

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Assignment: Developing and Managing External Communications

Essay Title: How psychological theory is used in the advertisement to promote a product/service/system. Specifically, you need to discuss how cognitive, social, and consumer psychology has informed methods of advertisement and how these methods help businesses advertise their products.

Word Limit: 2000 words (absolute max 2500 words)

Learning outcomes assessed: 

Demonstrate an understanding of the main concepts involved in external communication.

Evaluate the application of psychological approaches to effective communications.

Understand the influence of psychology on consumer behavior.

Demonstrate an understanding on how marketers can improve methods of advertisement to effectively reach the consumer.

Use psychological theory to present reasoned, critical and evidence-based arguments.


a) Make sure your essay’s word limit is within the indicated appropriate range (see section 1). Assignments that overly exceed the absolute maximum will not be marked.

b) Your assignment should be word processed, Arial font size 11 or 12 and double spaced, with numbered pages and your student name and number printed as footer on every page. Please indicate the word length at the end of your assignment.


Academic writing guidelines 


This paragraph is extremely important in order to get the reader engaged in your work. Make sure you set the scene for the whole essay in a clear way. Clarify the topic and the aim of the essay. Keep in mind that the reader might not be familiar with your topic. Provide explanations for all relevant terms and briefly provide an overview of the structure of the essay. Avoid lengthy discussions or explanations regarding definitions or related research. Such discussions should be incorporated in the main body of the essay.


In the main body of the essay you should demonstrate an in depth critical examination of basic and seminal research and theories within the core reading for this module. Furthermore, a very good essay will show in depth evidence of advanced research and theories beyond the core readings which have been provided.

Important to remember that this section should not merely be a descriptive presentation of information. It should be a critical discussion which includes all viewpoints or argument perspectives relating with the essay’s question.

Although students should not use subheadings for this academic essay, there should still be a clear structure to the whole essay (i.e. Introduction paragraph(s), Discussion paragraph(s) and Conclusion paragraph(s). Students should try and present each paragraph in a logical and cohesive order. In addition, students need to ensure that the initial sentence in each paragraph captures the essence of the paragraph and that the last sentence summarises the paragraph (appropriate use of linking words and phrases is essential).


The conclusion should be a summary of the essay’s main concepts. It should start by elaborating on the main sentence that the essay began with (e.g., ‘In conclusion, the essay focussed on…etc.). It is important to connect the conclusion(s) to all key components of the title and aims. In addition, if applicable, students should consider recommendations for future research and/or improvements in the area.

Please keep in mind that headings (e.g., Introduction/Discussion/Conclusion) should not be included in your final essay. 

General Tips 

· Be consistent and use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling throughout the essay.

· Writing style should be in the third person.

· You should use the APA reference style for in text citations and references.

· Create a “References” section at the end of your work.

· Please note that Wikipedia will NOT be accepted as an appropriate reference for the essay.

· If needed, ‘Appendices’ may be used to direct the reader to supporting and complementing material