Assignment: Suicide Outline

Assignment: Suicide Outline

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Assignment: Suicide Outline

Federal Health Agencies

Choose a federal health agency for this assignment (you may use readings and resources of our course or choose one that is not listed but it must be a federal health agency). I recommend choosing an agency that you are not familiar with (you never know where you may find potential job openings).

Discuss this mission of the agency, the structure, their day to day operations and special projects. Look up and find the current year’s budget for this agency. Has it increased, decreased, remained steady? Do you think this amount is enough to accomplish the purpose of the agency or is it underfunded and specifically why?

Length: Minimum of two full pages of text in length. Please ensure you cite your references in APA format.

Research Paper Outline

You must include:

1) the topic: must be related directly to course material (Suicide)

2) thesis statement: Your thesis is a statement (not a question or a topic) that describes what your paper will be about and provides a unique perspective (see:

3) outline: Should have an introduction followed by 3 sections that will discuss 3 main points that defend your thesis and end with conclusions (see:

4) at least three (3) references (2 must be outside of the class readings). All must be academic* in nature and properly formatted in APA style). APA format:

*A lot of students have trouble with identifying academic sources versus popular sources. Examples of popular sources include NY Times, CNN, WebMD, History Channel, and Wikipedia. These are not acceptable sources for upper level college writing.