Human Sexuality Discussion

Human Sexuality Discussion

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Human Sexuality Discussion

Stranger from Another Planet!

For this forum, I want you to pick one part of the female sexual or reproductive anatomy (internal or external) that you find particularly interesting/fascinating/enlightening. Pretend you have the job of explaining this part to a stranger from another planet who has no familiarity with human beings, much less our sexual anatomy. Using correct scientific terminology and proper writing style, I want you to include in your post the name of the part you picked and explain the following:

1) Where it is (use details like internal/external; posterior (back)/anterior (front);

2) Relative Size (golf ball? Pear? Pencil Eraser?)

3) What is the analogous (comparable) part in a male’s body (for example, ovary<–>testicle)

4) Does it appear to have nerve endings and, if so, how many (approximate);

5) Name 2-3 functions of the part you picked (Reproductive? Pleasure? Protective? All of the above? You don’t have to use the options I just listed — I am just giving you ideas…)

6) What do YOU find particularly interesting/fascinating/enlightening about this part of a woman’s body? (Use intelligent, formal language, not slang or informal language).

7) Anything else you think your stranger from another planet should know about this part???

Keep in mind, your explanation should be accurate and thorough, but be written in an understandable way. Have fun!