Assignment: Colon Cancer

Assignment: Colon Cancer


Assignment: Colon Cancer

Disease Research Paper


Choose a disease or other condition affecting the systems being studied. Research the disease using the library, the internet and/or the textbooks available in class. Use the guidelines below to direct your research and paper.


Diseases are homeostatic imbalances. The focus of your research should be on the anatomy and physiology of the disease!! This means you should describe the anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of a normal, healthy individual and then compare it to a person who is afflicted with the disease (how is homeostasis out of balance?). Use (and explain) as many terms and concepts learned in class as possible! The A & P is the most important part of your research and should be woven into all parts of your paper and presentation!

Your paper and presentation must also address the following topics, and these can be presented in paragraph form in the following order: (Indicate the sections in bolded form on your paper)

· Introduction – Introduce the disease with a general description of what it is and include Statistics that describe how common the disease/disorder is. Also include information if it occurs more commonly in certain populations, for example, women or Asian-Americans.

· Cause – Possibilities include inflammation, infection, abnormal cell growth, heredity, malnutrition, environmental factors, or stress. Explain how the cause (if known) of the disease/disorder produces the signs and symptoms. Be as specific as possible. In some cases, the disease may be idiopathic (no known cause). Also discuss prevention if the disease can be prevented, explain how. If not, explain why it can’t be prevented (your reason will probably refer back to the cause of the disease).

· Diagnosis – List procedures that can be used to determine if a person has the disease. Procedures may include laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging techniques (such as MRI), biopsy, physical examination, asking the patient questions about their symptoms, family history, and others. Provide an explanation of each procedure, specifically describing what signs the doctor is looking for. Always try to connect the diagnoses to the cause and/or symptoms of the disease.

· Treatment Options– List all treatments that can be used to help the patient. Treatments may include medication, lifestyle changes, surgery, physical therapy, and others. You must provide a brief explanation of each type of treatment, specifically describing what signs or symptoms the treatment is designed to alleviate. Be as specific as possible. Prognosis: describe the typical outcome of the disease. Include the chances for complete recovery, if there is any permanent loss of function, or possibility of death.

· Conclusion- In your own words, explain your reaction to the information you learned from your research. Do NOT just restate your discussion or facts from the paper. Your conclusion should be personal, based on what you learned while researching this paper.


Your paper should be a minimum of four complete pages in length (not including the title page or REFERENCES), but you are encouraged to do more than the minimum. Paper should be typed in a standard 12 font size, have standard margins (1”), 2.0-double line spacing and follow all standards for written English (spelling, grammar, etc.). You have to organize your paper in the manner described above and using APA Style format, and make sure it includes all required information. You will not need to include an “Abstract” for this paper.

You must use at least FOUR sources in your research. You must include a References page at the end of your paper, listing each reference used according to the APA format as described below. Make sure to include scientific journals, and books as your primary resources. Using mostly websites like or similar will result in point deduction. Wikipedia is also not a reliable source and should not be used as one of your reference!! Wikipedia is maintained by users and not by a verified source. Instead you can use Wikipedia as guide to other sources. If all your sources are webpages, you will receive a total of 5 point deduction.

Plagiarism is unacceptable. If you do not write your paper in your own words, you will receive a zero for the assignment and a meeting with the administration will be arranged.

Include a Title page that includes your paper title, your name, course and section number, South Texas College, Semester and Year

Use this webpage as a reference for the APA style: