Live Classroom: US Healthcare Systems

Live Classroom: US Healthcare Systems

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Live Classroom: US Healthcare Systems

Real-World Skills on the Job

When an individual has a license, they are granted a permit to perform a specific job; without it, performing this job would be illegal. In the United States, the state governments have jurisdiction for issuing most professional licenses. Fields that are regulated and licensed vary among individual states. When individual licenses are granted, they cannot be transferred to another individual. In most cases, an initial license is granted upon successful completion of an examination administered by the state examining board of the specific profession, and re-registration is required in order to maintain the license. Health care professions that require a license in order to practice are physicians, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, and massage therapists (to name a few).

In this module, we discussed the education and licensing of medical professionals. Do you (or someone close to you) have a job that requires a license? What requirements (such as education or passing an exam) needed to be fulfilled in order to receive the license?

Now, take the time to think about your educational track. Will you need to obtain a license prior to working in your future career? If so, what step(s) are you taking in order to prepare for obtaining the license?

Prepare for the Live Classroom Assignment

Reflect on the topic above. Then take time to complete the Real-World Skills on the Job template prior to the Live Classroom Session. Remember to bring your finished template to the session in order to take part in the group activity. This activity will allow us to see others’ life experience and point of view, thus leading to an engaging conversation.

  • Download this file and complete the activity prior to this module’s Live Classroom session where you will be asked to share the information.
  • (For one of the questions on the attached file, it asks if i will need a license for a future job. The answer is yes, I want to become head of a NICU department with a BSN. License in nursing)