Healthcare Exploration and Careers

Healthcare Exploration and Careers

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Healthcare Exploration and Careers

Assignment #1

This assignment will require you to research and complete a minimum of two self-assessment online surveys. Again, you will NOT be required to purchase or pay any fees for these self-assessment online surveys and it is mandatory to watch the “Self-Assessment” videos that are found in the Lesson Content folder prior to starting your research and work for this assignment.

The results and information retrieved from completing these free online self-assessment surveys will provide you the information needed to complete your personal SWOT and course project assignment for this module. The minimum requirement for completion is two online self-assessment surveys, but the more you complete, the more data and information you will have to work with and utilize for your modular assignments and overall personal and professional growth.

To complete your assignment, please take a screenshot of the results from your online self-assessment surveys and paste them in a Microsoft Word document to submit to the dropbox. Remember, this assignment requires a minimum completion of two online self-assessment surveys along with their respective screenshots of their completion.

If you need assistance with taking a screenshot, please use this reference source:

Assignment #2  

This module is examining personal traits and characteristics such as strengths and weaknesses, interests, and skills. After taking online self-assessment surveys (as demonstrated in the lecture video) to assess your personal traits, interests and characteristics, please take a moment and reflect on the results. In 2-3 pages, discuss the following aspects based on these results:

  • Do you think the survey results were accurate overall? Why or why not.
  • What specific survey assessment and result did you think was most insightful and/or surprised you and why?
  • Did the survey outcomes match to your desired healthcare profession or professions? Why or why not? Which healthcare profession discussed in this course do you think your survey results match best with and why?
  • Do the results of these surveys influence your overall desired healthcare profession? Why or why not?
  • Please provide any other thoughts or comments that you may have regarding this experience and/or survey results.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, have proper grammar and spelling, and utilize APA format with a cover page and reference page (if references are utilized).