Assignment: Community Settings and Community Health Nursing Roles

Assignment: Community Settings and Community Health Nursing Roles

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Assignment: Community Settings and Community Health Nursing Roles


Community health nurses practice in a variety of settings. The purpose of this paper is to describe the community setting and analyze the role of a nurse in the assigned setting. Health promotion nursing interventions and a professional nursing organization related to this role will also be examined.

The topic for this paper is the role of a nurse in a faith community setting.


Watch the tutorial on tips for completing the Community Settings and Community Health Nursing Roles assignment.

This APA paper is expected to be no more than four pages in length (not including the title page and reference list). Below are the requirements for successful completion of this paper. Please use the recommended APA Template linked below, which incorporates the following categories as the first level headings on your paper. APA formatting helps you to organize your paper in a professional manner and provides consistent methods for citing your sources and completing your reference page. See the documents in the APA category in Course Resources for assistance with APA formatting. The Student Success Strategies resource has great sections on writing scholarly papers and APA formatting.

1. The  community health setting for this paper must be a faith community such as a church/parish, or other congregation.

2. Read the chapter of your textbook on the assigned community health setting and take notes based on the outline below.

3. Locate and read at least one scholarly peer-reviewed journal article that is not assigned in the course related to a nurse’s role in health promotion in this setting. Search peer reviewed journals to find a scholarly article on this topic. The article must be less than 10 years old (less than 5 years is best).

4. Thoroughly address the following categories using the APA Template that is provided.

· Introduction (one paragraph):

o The introduction should be interesting and capture the reader’s attention.

o Introduce the assigned community setting

o Briefly identify CHN role(s) in this setting

o Identify vulnerable population(s) served in this setting

o Include a purpose statement

· Community Setting (two to three paragraphs)

o Describe the assigned community setting, including vulnerable population(s) served.

o Discuss three health services provided by the a CHN in the assigned setting.

o Use your textbook or an outside scholarly source to address these sub-points.

· Health Promotion Nursing Intervention (two to three paragraphs) 

o Describe in detail health promotion intervention(s) that a CHN could implement in the assigned community setting.

o Identify people/organizations/community members this CHN role may collaborate with in health promotion interventions.

o Utilize at least one peer-reviewed scholarly article related to a health promotion intervention.

· Professional Nursing Organization (two paragraphs)

o Provide a detailed description of a professional nursing organization related to the assigned community setting. Search the text, your article, or the Internet for one professional organization that supports nurses in this role. If you can’t find an organization specific to this group, search the American Nurses Association (ANA) website for information on this role. Cite the organization in the body of the text with (organization name, year), and include a complete reference on the reference page.

o Discuss one professional issue that this organization is addressing related to the assigned community setting.

· Summary (one paragraph)

The summary reiterates key points about:

o The community setting and the CHN role(s)

o Health promotion intervention

o Professional organization

o Includes a concluding statement.

· Reference Page: The reference page should start on a new page (insert a page break). All references should be cited within the body of the paper as (author or organization, year), and the full reference should be included in APA format on the reference page. A URL link alone is not an adequate reference. See the Chamberlain Guidelines for Professional Writing in the APA Folder in Program Resources for examples of properly formatted references.